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What is the difference between Rugby League and Union?

To start with, the main aim of both types of Rugby is to score more than your opponent which is obvious but the way in which this is achieved is different. So, what is the difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union?

Let’s start with the players

Rugby League has 13 players and Rugby Union has 15 players that start the game. You can make 10 substitutions in Rugby League and 8 in Rugby Union

So, what about the scoring?

Both games still have tries, conversions, penalty and drop goals. In Rugby League you a try will earn 4 points and in Union it’s worth 5 points. A conversion for both will earn 2 points. In Rugby League a drop goal is worth 1 point, a penalty 2 points whereas in Union it’s 3 points for both.

Number of Tackles

Only 6 tackles are allowed in Rugby League before the possession must be passed to the opponent. In Rugby Union there is no limit and can hold onto the ball if possible before it is intercepted by the opposing team.

Ball Out of Play

When the ball goes out of play in Union there is a line out but in League there will be a scrum.

That’s the basics between both styles of Rugby but there are many more differences especially when it comes to strategy and style of play. Check out the Youtube video on the right, or bottom if you are on a mobile, for a bit more info.